GOLDEN PIGLET Ltd. slaughterhouse is renovated and re-equipped in accordance with veterinary norms and standards regulated by legislation of the Republic of Moldova.
While we are the ones that grow the pigs, we strive that the slaughter process to be as fast as possible and with minimal sufferings for the pigs. We use electric shock stuns that are most humane and which is also a great method of preserving the meat quality.

The slaughterhouse has 8 active employees, a highly trained and qualified team who performs their work with responsiblity and diligence. Quality, productivity and collaboration between employees are the key elements of people working in the slaughterhouse.

Because we care about our consumer protection and image, hygiene is observed with great strictness at all time.

During the slaughter process all the carcasses are inspected by the veterinary in charge thus insuring that all products sold meet quality standards in rigor and cutomer expectations.

Also the slaughterhouse is equipped with a specialized laboratory that has modern equipment for raw material analysis and investigations.

The cycle technology, advanced equipment and good coordination of activities in the slaughterhouse, all taken together aim to fulfill orders in time and at the highest level. Due to these factors the slaughtering capacity has reached 18 tons.